Karen has been teaching my boys from the age of 3. They have both learnt to read music and start playing the piano before they could even read and write. It has been truly amazing to watch. Karen is an incredibly talented music teacher and is particularly great with young children. They magically listen to her more than they do to me! In addition, she is excellent with the parents too. I especially like that she always takes the time to explain her methods and where each child is up to so that we, the parents, have the necessary tools to continue helping them with their music and piano playing at home.

Paola, mum of Max & Matteo

My description of her abilities and skills begins first of all with her solid musicality, her own superb competency as a pianist, and her obvious delight in teaching. She has a huge amount of personal talent and a vast accumulation of music knowledge; but equally important is her capacity for coaching. I know first-hand how well she directs, instructs, inspires, and motivates a student.

Marina Anastasiou, Nursery Teacher

A very enjoyable and inspirational course. The content of the training was successful and interactive, supported by lots of lovely colourful resources and a slide show. Karen’s passion and knowledge for what she was teaching came across well and I can’t wait to use what I have learnt with the children.

Linda Ranauro, Nursery Teacher

Introduction to ‘Teaching Music to Young Children’ and the Kodály approach with Karen was a wonderful experience that I am genuinely grateful for. Karen showed me new approach to teaching music in a multi-sensory way and also shared creative ideas on how to be repetitive with songs in an engaging, fun and educational manner. I can’t wait to apply what I have learnt to teaching the pre-schoolers in my care.

Barbara Gorzynski, Nursery Teacher

After participating in the music workshop I felt compelled to pass on how much it will influence musical activities in our classroom. It has given me a new dimension in the way I look at and deliver musical activities, building up their confidence and child’s own enjoyment. Hoping that everyone will enjoy this course as much as I have.

Marisa Stocking, Deputy Head teacher

Karen provided a wonderful music workshop. It was highly interactive and there were lots of hands on experiences. Karen provided a thoughtful and well prepared presentation which was easy to understand. She delivered the course sharing her great musical knowledge and we all developed a really good understanding of basic musical theory and an insight into the benefits of singing and movement, pulse and rhythm. Many thanks and we look forward to the next workshop.

Diane Stocking, Head Teacher at Blue Planet Montessori

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